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In today’s competitive world, every company or organization faces numerous challenging environment/s to keep their productive ratio at par with the industry demand. Studies show that resource management becomes one of the most vulnerable aspect for any operating unit to low down their production ratio to a significant level. Thus, automating total human resource department could bring an utmost enhancement which could range anything between 20% to 30% of the overall productive performances of the whole organization. Analyzing this scenario, we at Agate Technocom Pvt Ltd. decided to emphasize on low cost high quality , easy to maintain Human Resource Management System that could focus on the core area of resource management another administrative activities related to human resource department. HRMS provides an easy, accurate and timely retrieval of Employee and activity-oriented information through menu driven, user-friendly operations. The HRM software has been designed to meet the information need of all levels of Management and facilitates Decision Support, Planning, Monitoring, Control of Daily Activities.

Agate Technocom Pvt Ltd., a NASSCOM listed unit, has developed a revolutionary software for Human Resource Management that promises to change the way HR activities have been handled so far in India. HRMS makes the functioning of the organization very lucid and the way it should be presented to the top level manager with transparency.

HRMS intakes all the raw data of an organization and molds it into a powerful strategic management tool. HRMS enables managers to better understand what exactly is happening in the workforce, given the fact that managers have less time to analyze events within the organization, react and take a quick but correct decision. HRMS helps in this aspect by giving graphical analysis of the data required.

The positive impact due to this HR software becomes visible within just Five months of implementation. A comprehensive HR Management solutions can meet your organization’s human resources and payroll needs and realize the potential of your most valuable assets—your employees.

  • Control and access employee information whenever you want
  • Save time for everyone with payroll direct deposit
  • Increase your organization’s strategic human resource capabilities
  • Integrate to general ledger, project management, and bank reconciliation applications
  • Human Resource (HR) management solutions can help you fulfill the potential and increase the loyalty of your workforce while minimizing the cost and complexity of recruiting and performance management.

Payroll is handled efficiently through the software by taking into account the attendance for the month. Appropriate heads like Basic, HRA, Daily Allowance (D.A.), Conveyance, etc. can be created by the company and payslips generated smoothly.
The network features of HRMS are also robust. It can create user groups and can assign different levels of security for each user. Accordingly, the level of access to information is restricted to the end user, with the managerial authority having full access and front desk person having the least access. Relevant reports can be taken from the software in various formats which can be sent over to screen, file, printer, email and web browser.

The HR System comprises of the following standard modules:-

HR System Modules :

1. Home Module:

 Announcement / Notice and Leave Status with details.

 2. Recruitment Module:  

 Key Features: 

  • Candidate Profile Bank.
  • Candidate Profile against Department Requisition.
  • Candidates By Employee References.
  • Candidates By Placement Agencies.
  • Interview Schedules and Selection.
  • Interview Details.
  • Transfer Selected Candidates Details to Employee Profile.

 Automate and Manage the recruitment process through the following sub modules

2.1. Add Interviewer: Capture and store the interviewer details (names, contact, designation, salary and status etc.)

2.2. Interviewer Details: Search any loaded interviewer details.

3.Blog Module :

Manage blog module process through this following sub modules.

3.1. Add Topics : Store any topic with details(topic titles, description).

3.2. Topics : Show the added topic.

4. Employee Module:

Key Features:

  • Employee Joining Information.
  • Probation Confirmation details.
  • Employee Profile.
  • Employee Current position and job profile.
  • Family background details.
  • Employee Local address and References details.
  • Employee Emergency address and contact person details.
  • Employee Qualification and experience details.
  • Documents submitted by employee.
  • Assets given to employee.
  • Promotion Details
  • Increment Details
  • Employee Chat History.

Maintain the master file of all employees.

4.1. Add Employee: Store the new employee details(employee id, date of joining, name, contact details, salary and education details.)

4.2. Employee Details: Search any previous and current employee details.

4.3. View Employee List: View and edit the all employees details.

4.4. Probation List: View the employee of probation list.

4.5. Employee Increment Details: View the all employee’s increment details.

4.6. CashBook Entry: View, edit and print the all cash book of all employees.

4.7. Chat History: View the chatting details of all Employee.

5. Attendance Module :

Key Features:

  • Employee time management, Late Coming, Early going, Absence due to travel on Duty etc.
  • Overtime Details.

Maintain this Attendance module through this following sub modules.

5.1. Edit Attendance : View the attendance report of every month.

5.2. Attendance Sheet : View all employee’s attendance report details(login  time, logout time, working hours, late entry and exit time.)

5.3. Attend Employee : View login time and log out time of any particular employee.

6. Salary Module:

Key Features:

  • User defined Salary Heads.
  • Salary formula.
  • Professional Tax Slab (State-wise).
  • Create your own Salary Structures.
  • Pay slip Generation
  • Employee Advance Amount
  • Director Details

 Preparing payslips and pay records has never been easier. PAYROLL  also handles any combination of pay types and pay frequencies, and presents your employee records and payroll information in a graphical easy to use manner.

6.1. Employee Advance: Entry any employee’s advance details.

6.2. Salary Sheet: View the employee’s salary details of respective branch.

6.3. Bank Salary Disbursement: View the all employee’s salary disbursement    through banking.

6.4. Director List: View and add the director details.

6.5. Bank Application: Transfer the employee’s salary through banking.

6.6. Employee Payslip: Generate the employee’s pay slip.

6.7. Employee Salary Details: Modify Employee Salary sheet during salary.

7. Message Module:

Key Features:

  • Notice Announcement.

Manage this Message module through these following sub modules.

7.1. Message: View all previous messages and also send new message to any employee with attachment.

7.2. Add Notice/ Announcement: Write any notice or announcement.

8. Holiday Module:

Key Features:

  • Different Holiday Types
  • Assign Holiday as overtime to Employee
  • Company Holiday List

Maintain this Holiday Module through these following sub modules.

8.1. Add holiday: Holiday definitions.

8.2. Holiday List: View all holiday list.

9. Tour Requisition Module:

Maintain this module through these following sub modules.

9.1. Tour Board: Entry new tour and view all tour list with details (add   employee, view employee, edit tour and approve tour).

10. Leave Module:

Key Features:

  • User Defined Leave types.
  • Leave Application.
  • Leave Approvals.
  • Leave Rules.

10.1. Leave Apply: Online /offline Employee leaves requesting.

10.2. View Leave: Schedule/Approve employee leave

10.3. Leave Details: Calculate and indicates cost incurred when an employee is      absent.

11. Report Module:

Key Features:

  • Monthly Salary  Details
  • Attendance Details
  • Advance Details
  • Award Types
  • HR Details
  • Interviewer Details

The report are grouped by category’s consisting of :

11.1. Monthly Report:

11.2. Employee Attendance Report:

11.3. Employee Attendance:

11.4. Export Personal Detail:

11.5. Export Hr Details:

11.6. Export Employee by Duration:

11.7. Export Interviewer:

11.8. Export Advance Report:

12. Settings Module:

Key Features:

  • Duplicate Password Creation.
  • Roles Details.
  • Dept. List.
  • Office Location Information.

12.1. Export Backup

12.2. Change Employee Password:

12.3. Change Password:

12.4. Add Role:

12.5. Roles Manage: Moderator can set a specific access for the different employee to access this software

12.6. User Permission:

12.7. View Dept:

12.8. Site Setting:

12.9. View Office Location:

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